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Amy Sadle-Hope Ben Darling-Pondlette North of Broadwater-watercolor Beth Josnoch-Wisdoms Silent Journey-reclaimed metal David Dorsey-Lookin Back-acrylic Donna Schimonitz-Large Pink Lilies-digital mixed media Howard Kaye-Farmers Market-watercolor Janna Harsch-George Checks Mares-alkyd on aluminum Jo Brown-Enigma Interconnectedness Of All-mixed media Judy Greff-Serendipity-acrylic Julia Noyes-Storm Over The Platte-mixed media Karen Dienstbier-Cranes #6 Diptych-watercolor Ken Hosmer-Window Through Time-watermedia Lois Smith-Hand Forged-watercolor Norma Stevens-Platte River II-watercolor Patricia Coslor-El Milagro-watercolor Patsy Smith-Breeze on the Plains-watermedia Roberta Barnes-Signs Of Hope-thread painting Sammy Lynn-Purple Garden-batik Sandra Meyer-Round and Round and Round-watercolor Susan Hart-Breaking Down Strongholds-acrylic & graphite Wava Best-Loops-porcelain jquery iframe lightboxby v6.1
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