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Amy Sadle-Lakota-woodcut Ben Darling-Antoine and Joseph Robidoux-oil Beth Josnock-On A Wing And A Prayer-reclaimed metal Donna Schimonitz-In The Spotlight Lawrence Bruner-acrylic Howard Kaye-William Petersen The Vice Grip-watercolor Janna Harsch-Mari Sandoz Writing The Horsecatcher-alkyd Jo Brown-Mary Alice Welles-mixed collage Judy Greff-It's My Mom It's Her Cane-acrylic Julia Noyes-Marge Saiser-mixed media Ken Hosmer-Charles Bessey Nebraska National Forest-oil Kit Watson-The Offering-pastel Liz Shea McCoy-Willa Cather-woodcut & graphite Norma Stevens-Jack-watercolor Patricia Coslor-Freedom Rider-watercolor Patsy Smith-The Author-collage Roberta Barnes-Cold Days Warm Hearts-thread painting Sammy Lynn-Fetch Me My Cloak of Light-batik Sandra Meyer-Gayland and His Ford-watercolor Susan Hart-Sustained Security-mixed media Wava Best-Ode to Robert Henri-wire sculpture jquery iframe lightboxby v6.1
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* Dead or Alive
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